About Us

Healthy hearing is required for us to be able to live our lives to the fullest, so at Excellent Hearing Aids it’s our goal to improve your hearing to make each day more enjoyable. Connecting with your loved ones and participating in fun activities doesn’t have to be a struggle, and thankfully modern hearing aids do an amazing job of amplifying our natural hearing ability while being incredibly discrete.

Since 2016 we’ve offered our patients a wide range of hearing devices to meet every need, from easy to use and cost effective models to ones with advanced digital features. As a privately owned practice, we have the ability to offer our patients a robust selection of hearing aids that meet a variety of concerns. Our professionals have 2 years of experience both fitting and adjusting these complex devices while providing honest and thoughtful care. There’s nothing that makes us happier than watching our patients’ faces as their ability to hear crisp and clear sounds is restored.

Excellent Hearing Aids helps patients on every step of their journey to better hearing, whether it’s performing your first hearing evaluation, creating a treatment plan for tinnitus, or providing preventative ear protection to preserve your healthy hearing. We offer hearing aid repair, custom device fittings, and rehabilitative and preventative counseling as well as a range of other services. The success of our patients is how we value our own success, so your satisfaction means everything to us.

Our office is a compassionate and respectful place that our patients choose time and time again for their hearing healthcare. Visit Excellent Hearing Aids today to find out what quality care and spectacular service looks like.

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